Pre Nursery to Class 9th. Academic Education along with Special Focus on Values

Co-curricular Programmes
Several skills and qualities that are instrumental in child’s holistic development are learned outside the classroom. Alhamdulillah IMS has integrated various co-curricular programmes in its curriculum that fully supports a child’s learning process.

- 1. Taekwondo
IMS has introduced Taekwondo classes for Boys as well as for Girls as a part of learning self defence. Taekwondo, “The way of foot and fist” (Tae = Foot, Kwon = Fist, Do = Way) is a multipronged skill. Besides being good for physical health, it enhances self –esteem, builds confidence, develops discipline, teaches self-defence, improves focus and strengthen mind and body.

2. Public Speaking
Effective communication is considered extremely important in the present competitive world. IMS has therefore introduced a separate class for instruction in English and Arabic public speaking. Moreover, IMS organizes Speech and Extempore competition for the students of class II and onwards in every session.

3. Quiz Competition:
Alhumdulillah, IMS organizes Annual Quiz competition for the students of class I and onwards. The competition consists of separate rounds for General awareness, Academic awareness, Social and spiritual awareness.

4. Annual Sports Day:
Different sport competitions are organized on Annual Sports Day. The students participate in Simple race, Three legged race, Sack race, Marble and spoon race and Frog race etc.

5. Science Exhibition:
Alhumdulillah, IMS organizes Annual science exhibition. The students make models on different scientific facts or phenomenon. IMS is gradually moving from Science Exhibition to Science Fair, where a student performs certain experiment, observes it, analyzes it and makes conclusion on the basis of it.

6. Art to Heart Competition
IMS organizes Yearly Art competition. Where students bring their feelings from heart to paper on Moral and Social values so that these values enter their heart.

7. Creative Writing Competition:
“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.” IMS organizes Creative writing competition to develop creativity and writing skills in students.

8. Story Telling/Show & Tell Competition
Story-telling not only inspires interpretation and creativity, but also boosts intercommunication. It provides a chance for children to demonstrate their story-telling talent.
Besides that there are competitions on Fancy Dress show and tell competition.

9. Skit Competition:
To develop writing skills, communication and collaboration skills and Leadership skills IMS organizes a skit competition annually in which the students themselves write skits and present it.

Annual Function:
This is the most important event for the students to showcase their talents. The annual function revolves around a particular theme. The students present public talks, skits, Nasheeds, Hadith and Quran recitation on the theme. Besides these, IMS also organizes Nasheed competition, Qirat Competition and writing competition.

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