Pre Nursery to Class 9th. Academic Education along with Special Focus on Values

IMS For Better Future of our Country

History shows that the nation which contributes in the field of inventions and discoveries leads. Today, we look towards western world for every invention and discovery. Alhumdulillah, IMS is trying to nurture scientific acumen in the students through projects, STEM Education and interaction with the people who are working in the field of science. InshaAllah these tiny tots will be the leaders in the scientific world and will take our nation ahead.
Today, our country is in dire need of honest and committed professionals. Through value based education IMS is trying to bring in honesty, commitment, excellence in the DNA of these students. These morally engineered students will reform the professional system of our nation.
 Alhumdulillah, staff at IMS is firmly committed to make our students aware of national and social issues and sensitizing them to the plight of deprived classes. These students will give helping hands to the weaker section of our society so that they can also contribute in moving our nation ahead.

At IMS, to instill patriotism, the students are trained to respect the nation and the national symbols. The students are taught about the great leaders and their sacrifices and contribution in strengthening our country.
India is a land of diversity. At IMS, we teach our students about the different people and their varying cultural heritage. We make them understand to respect and value others and accept the differences which are important for the unity and integrity of the country.

Hence we feel, the best way to serve our Nation is through Value Based Education.


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